Metamorphosis Animation Workshop (2010)

Animation, Story & Narration  | Brittany, Deja, Destiny, Felix, Francis, Heaven, Imanie, Jada, Jasmine D., Jasmine E., Jeffrey, Josh, Kenyeda, Kemesha, Nijear, Tee Tee, William, Zacharias
Music | Children's Corner by Claude Debussy performed by Helen Huang
Adult volunteers | Nicole Belanger, Rob Culen, Jack Magai, Ardavan Zandiatashbar
Workshop leader & organizer | Anna Lindemann
Support | Pastor Willie Bacote at The Missing Link Street Ministry & The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY

Premiere | 5 June 2010, NY Shout Out: Youth Media Showcae, The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY

Four Fantastical Metamorphosing Creatures is the result of a five-week workshop for kids combining learning about metamorphosis and learning about stop-motion animation. Each session began with a science lesson relating to metamorphosis—learning about developmental stages of metamorphosing animals, learning about camouflage of both larvae and adult butterflies, and learning about the distinctive diets of larvae and adults. These science lessons complemented the creation of fanciful metamorphosing creatures, their environments, and their food, which were all developed for stop-motion animations.