GOAT HERD (2002) 5'

Piece for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, piano

Anna Lindemann | music
Non Sequitor Ensemble | chamber ensemble
Instrumentation | flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, piano

Premiere | July 2002, The Walden School, Dublin, NH

Awards | 2003 ASCAP Morton S. Gould Young Composers Competition Award

Goat Herd depicts the journey of a herd of goats that wander willy nilly and encounter daunting obstacles — a precipice and a stream. An old goat, depicted by a lyric cello line, gives advice ignored by the rest of the herd, and a frisky youngster, depicted by the florid clarinet scales, runs ahead of the others. The piece explores six motifs. Throughout the piece, the motifs are intertwined in grooves featuring the entire ensemble, and are also also explored as individual melodic lines through solos and duets drawn from within the ensemble. These motivic developments are juxtaposed with textural, chordal passages.