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"AntU" Academic Plan Proposal Receives Funding

  • University of Connecticut (map)

Anna Lindemann is a co-director of the Academic Plan Proposal “AntU: How army ants and their guests can inspire synergy across science, fine arts, and the humanities,” which was awarded a $250,971 three-year grant by the University of Connecticut Office of the Provost. Janine Caira, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, is the project director. The project will involve 16 innovative activities emerging from collaborations in science, humanities, and the fine arts inspired by an NSF-funded project focused on a world-class collection of army ants and their associated insects and mites (i.e., guests). These activities—collectively referred to as AntU— are designed to inspire exploratory learning in coursework across disciplines, engage regional campuses in Storrs-based research, provide scientific content to inspire artistic work, expand public understanding of complex biological systems, and address issues of human migration using ant movements as a metaphor.