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ANT SISTERS (2018) 4'

Animated short

Anna Lindemann & Emma Komlos-Hrobsky | text
Anna Lindemann & Sarah Shattuck | animation

A woman takes inspiration from the social lives of ants in a letter to her own estranged sister, and discovers what it takes to survive as a collective. The short animated film “Ant Sisters” draws from scientific research on the evolution of eusociality to weave a tale about the complex dynamics of human and ant sisterhood.

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Supported by the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts Dean’s Grant and the Office of the Vice President for Research

Thanks to the Carl W. and Marian E. Rettenmeyer Army Ant Guest Collection, Jane O’Donnell, Janine Caira, the AntU Team, the University of Connecticut Department of Digital Media and Design, the Women of FEMeeting 2018, and Yohei Igarashi

Special thanks


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The Carl W. and Marian E. Rettenmeyer Army Ant Guest Collection